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Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin:

Quality Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care When You Need It

pet emergencies, emergency vetIn 2015 the Emergency Animal Hospital of NW Austin is celebrating our 30th anniversary as Austin, Texas' premier emergency and critical care pet hospital. In 2014 we expanded our services at the north 183 hospital to include 24-hour extended stay for our critical patients. For pets requiring specialized intensive care support we now have two Critical Care specialists for ICU cases. Emergency and critical pets can now stay and receive exceptional care 24-hours a day.

Our south hospital continues to provide emergency care on nights, weekends and holidays. We believe that all pets should have access to excellent critical and  after-hours veterinary care in case of an emergency. Our highly trained, professional and compassionate staff, along with state of the art facilities and equipment means that your pet will receive world-class veterinary emergency care. We work closely with your regular veterinarian and our board certified emergency and critical care specialist is on call to provide comprehensive care as part of our veterinary hospital team. Providing exceptional emergency and critical veterinary care is our ongoing commitment to our patients, clients The Emergency Animal Hospital has two fully staffed veterinary hospitals to serve Austin's pet community, ensuring easy access from both north and south neighborhoods.

What makes us different?  We are the only emergency practices in Austin that are locally owned and operated by a board certified specialist. Our entire staff is specially trained to provide Austin with the best Pet ER care possible and we have been doing it for 30 years.

Each of our emergency and critical care veterinary hospitals is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to allow our veterinarians immediate access to test resth Austin facilities feature:

  • Fully equipped in-house laboratory equipment.
  • Separate surgical suites.
  • On-site pharmacies.
  • Isolation areas.
  • Temperature controlled wards with comfortable bedding.

In-house diagnostic and therapeutic equipment includes:

  • Endoscopy.
  • Hematologic chemistry and coagulation analyzer.
  • EKG.
  • Digital radiology.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Critical patient monitoring.
  • Transfusion medicine.
  • Oxygen therapy.

When it comes to emergency vet services, our emergency/critical care veterinary staff provides quality veterinary care for hospitalized patients as well as any emergency situation your pet may have.  If your pet is sick, becomes injured or requires urgent care outside of you family veterinarians normal office hours, please call either of our emergency vet hospital locations immediately.  Our north 183 location is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Austin Emergency Animal Hospital
Understands Urgent Care

Emergency Veterinary Care Northwest Austin

Many of Austin's family veterinarians are not open on nights, weekends, and holidays. Our emergency veterinarians strive to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for pet owners and their pets during emergency situations. We treat many different kinds of emergencies including, trauma, heat stroke, snake bite, breathing difficulties, and seizures. One potentially serious situation our emergency veterinary clinic often treats is the accidental ingestion of a toxin. Many common plants, such as Sago Palm, may make your pet extremely ill. Some of the dog symptoms of sago palm toxicity are vomiting, bloody diarrhea, depression, and yellow mucus membranes. Cat symptoms are similar to the dog symptoms If you suspect that your pet has ingested sago palm or any other poison or toxin, including medications, call one of our two veterinary hospitals immediately.

North - Open 24-Hours
Emergency Animal Hospital of NW Austin
12034 Research Blvd #8 | Austin, Texas 78759

South - Nights, weekends and holidays
Emergency Animal Hospital
4434 Frontier Trail | Austin, Texas 78745

For After Hours Questions or Emergencies

Please call your primary Veterinarian or Call Us during our normal business hours