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Vet Care from Our South Austin Location

Accidents can happen at almost any time for our pets. Unfortunately, not all clinics have the right resources to take care of our pets whenever a pet emergency happens. This can lead us to a state of panic and potentially put your pet's life at risk. However, there is a clinic in the South Austin area that you can trust to take care of your pets whenever a pet emergency strikes. Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin in South Austin, TX has the right expertise and resources to take care of your pet whenever they are in dire need of medical attention. Let's take a look at some of the services we provide for your pet when an emergency strikes.

dog sitting on a welcome mat

Pet Emergency Medical Services

Here are some of the pet emergencies that we most commonly treat here at our clinic:

  • Heatstroke. We have been experiencing record high summers here in Texas. This means it is dangerous for your pet to go outside whenever it is incredibly hot. We oftentimes treat heatstroke whenever they happen to your pets here in our office. Please take caution when letting your pet outdoors in the heat for extended periods of time.
  • Poisoning. Your pet may end up finding itself ingesting chemicals found under the sink or in the garage. Immediate action is required to ensure your pet does not become deathly ill from consuming poisonous materials. If your pet is poisoned, contact us immediately and bring your pet in to receive medical attention.
  • Car Accidents. Pets can get loose from their homes and find themselves in the streets. It is recommended that you bring your pets into our offices immediately if they are struck by a vehicle.
  • Snake Bites. It is no secret that there are plenty of snakes outdoors here in Texas. Snake bites can lead to hypertension, breathing problems, and potentially deadly for pets as well as humans. Time is of the essence when dealing with a snake bite. Your pet will need anti-venom as soon as possible.

Emergency Veterinarians You Can Trust

Has your pet been affected by one of the conditions that we have mentioned here and is in need of medical assistance? Contact us immediately at (512) 899-0955 to speak with an emergency veterinarian who can instruct you on what to do next.