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Posted on 03-13-2014

What to do in a Pet Emergency

Austin Pet EmergencyPet emergencies are scary, no matter the cause. You may experience a pet emergency because of a medical situation or a natural disaster such as a violent storm, or your pet may be injured in an accident. Here are some tips from our Austin veterinarian on what to do when you experience such an emergency.

Be Prepared

There is a lot owners can do to prepare in advance of unexpected situations. The staff at our Austin animal hospital recommends keeping your pet’s wellness exams and vaccinations current and treatment records at hand. We are happy to suggest items to include in a pet first aid kit for treatment of minor injuries. 


In case of a disaster and you have to evacuate your home, do not leave your pets behind. Having a photo of you and your pet can save a life in the event of a natural disaster.  So can creating a disaster plan that includes evacuation routes. Know where you and your pets would go if your home becomes unsafe. Consider having a separate “Emergency Pet Kit” that contains a three day supply of food and water as well as bowls, leashes and any other items that could make your pet more comfortable if they have to stay in an emergency shelter.   If you need emergency services from an Austin animal hospital, bring along your pet’s records or at least contact information for your regular veterinarian. This is particularly important if your pet needs animal surgery in Austin.

Emergency Pet Surgery in Austin

Emergency pet surgery is required for a variety of reasons, including the swallowing of a foreign object. Pets that show a poor appetite, vomit, are constipated or act uncomfortable need to be evaluated by a veterinarian. Emergency pet surgery in Austin might also be necessary after trauma from a car accident. It is important to bring in these animals right away.


Pets are exposed to many kinds of toxins. Our emergency veterinarian in Austin commonly sees pet poisoning from antifreeze, poisonous plants, and rat bait. Some human medications and foods like ibuprofen, chocolate and grapes are also poisonous to animals. If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, contact our emergency veterinarian in Austin immediately. 

Other common causes of emergencies include heatstroke and snake bites. Both require immediate attention. If you suspect heatstroke, use a wet towel for cooling. Keep any pet bitten by a snake as quiet as possible while it is being transported. Our hospital is fully staffed overnight to handle all types of emergencies, including animal surgery in Austin.  We are open nights and 24 hours on weekends and holidays.

What questions do you have about pet emergencies?

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