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Posted on 04-10-2014

Pet Obesity Can Lead to Pet Emergencies

Pet Obesity Emergencies in AustinObesity is one of the fastest growing problems in cats and dogs in the United States. Excess weight places extra burdens on almost every organ in your pet’s body, and over the course of many years this organ overload causes serious medical problems. Complications sometimes lead to health emergencies requiring care at an Austin animal hospital. You can reduce the risk for obesity-related diseases and their complications by keeping your pets at a healthy weight.

Pet Obesity and Health Emergencies

Obesity causes many of the same chronic conditions in dogs and cats that it does in humans. Pets can develop diabetes, damage to joints and connective tissue, heart disease, high blood pressure, breathing problems and poor liver function. Pet obesity can also cause intolerance to heat, skin and coat issues, and problems with the reproductive, digestive and immune systems. Finally, an overweight pet is at increased risk for cancer, decreased quality of life, and early death.

Left unaddressed, pet weight problems often grow worse and may cause a significant pet emergency requiring life-saving services of an Austin 24-hour emergency veterinarian. Diabetes can result in dangerously high blood sugar levels, for example, while high blood pressure and heart disease can cause congestive heart failure. Poor immune function increases the chance your pet will contract a life-threatening infection. Extra weight on joints can cause strains and tears on the cruciate ligaments in your pet’s knees, causing the joints to become very unstable and could require surgery and hospitalization at an Austin animal hospital.

A Healthy Weight Reduces the Risk for a Pet Emergency

Reduce your animal companion’s risk for an emergency by keeping him at a healthy weight. Proper pet wellness care that includes a healthy diet will reduce the risk that your dog or cat will suffer a pet emergency. Emergency Animal Hospital of NW Austin is always there to help you, whether you need an Austin 24-hour emergency veterinarian or suggestions on how to keep your pet at his target weight and other pet wellness care tips.

What is your pet’s risk for an obesity-related pet emergency?

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