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Posted on 05-08-2014

What to Do When Animals Attack

Any pet emergency is a scary time, especially when your pet has been attacked by another pet or a wild animal. Fortunately, our emergency animal hospital is prepared to come to your animal companion’s aid in the event that he sustains minor or major injuries during an attack. While preventative care, such as vaccinations, can certainly help ward off disease from a bite or scratch, emergency care is often still required.  Bite wounds from another animal can be severe and life-threatening.  Often the extent of the damage may not be evident from just looking at your pet, particularly if the wounds are located in areas that are heavily furred.  Any bite that does puncture the skin can introduce bacteria under the skin’s surface which can cause infection; even a bite that does not puncture the skin can cause significant underlying injury.  It is important to have your pet seen as soon as possible following the incident so that the wounds can be evaluated and treatment can be initiated. 

Our Pet Emergency Care Center is Equipped to Handle an Attacked Animal

The Emergency Animal Hospital of NW Austin is ready and equipped to take care of your pet after he is attacked. The emergency doctor will evaluate your pet and its wounds and make recommendations based on this evaluation.  Thanks to our laboratory, pharmacy, and pet surgery suites, we can jump into action to diagnose and treat imminent health concerns.  Infection and pain control are major concerns with bite wounds, and sometimes pet anesthesia and surgery will need to be performed to determine and address more severe underlying tissue trauma.  We are able to provide pet anesthesia, surgery, endoscopies, EKGs, ultrasounds, transfusion, oxygen and more.

How to Help an Attacked Animal

If your animal has been attacked by another animal it is important first and foremost to remain calm. Be very careful in attempting to break up the fight by getting between the animals or attempting to grab them because you may get bitten and could sustain severe injuries yourself.  If you are able, clap your hands or make some other loud noise such as slamming a door to stop the attack from happening. You may also try to put something, such as a board or open a large umbrella between the animals. Once the two animals have been separated, make sure that they are secure and cannot get loose, and check over your pet for any injuries. When bleeding is present, apply pressure until you get your pet to our animal hospital.  Obtain information of the other animal’s owner and vaccination status of their pet if possible. It is always a good idea to take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible to be examined for any injuries that you may not see.

Are you concerned that your pet has been injured?  Visit Emergency Animal Hospital of NW Austin as soon as possible.

Has your pet ever been attacked by another animal?

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