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Posted on 06-17-2015

Veterinary Aid for Austin, Texas Rattlesnake Bites

Our Austin, Texas Vet Clinic Saves Lives

Our vet clinic, Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin, recently made the news in our favorite way -- by saving a life. The dog in question, KissMe, was bitten on the face by a rattlesnake and collapsed. The distraught owners rushed KissMe to our Austin, Texas facility, where we administered antivenin immediately. We then nursed KissMe back to health throughout that weekend, even when a reaction to the antivenin caused complications (as it sometimes does). 

Rattlesnakes are a serious threat to Central Texas pets, particularly the Western Diamondback rattlesnake. Rattlesnake venom destroys the tissue around the areas of the bite, causing edema and serious blood loss while also reducing the blood's clotting power. Your pet may even go into shock, which can be fatal if untreated. Our two emergency hospitals see and treat hundreds of snake bite cases every year. As the weather warms up, the snakes will be more prevalent, so be sure to have both our office phone numbers handy!

What to Do if Your Austin, Texas Pet Is Bitten

If your pet is bitten by a rattlesnake, it's important to know what not to do. For example, forget those scenes you see in the movies about sucking the venom out of a wound -- you might just add yourself to the emergency list! Other responses that seem logical but actually do more harm than good include applying a tourniquet or ice to the affected area. Do not disturb the bite at all. Instead, focus on bringing your pet to our emergency vet center in northwest Austin, Texas immediately.

A timely dose of antivenin can often make all the difference between life and death. But some pets may suffer a dangerous reaction to this lifesaving drug, just as KissMe did, which is why we need to monitor each animal's condition closely to make absolutely sure he is out of danger.

If your pet is your best friend, it is only fair that you act as his best friend when he needs help most. Keep our contact information with you when you go out so you can waste no time getting your snakebite victim to Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin!

Has a snake ever bitten your pet before? What happened?

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