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Posted on 10-23-2015

Halloween Safety for Pets from Our Veterinarian in Northwest Austin

Halloween is a night of candy, revelry, costumes, and fun. However, this holiday and its many traditions can present several dangers to pets like cats and dogs. While you enjoy the festivities, we encourage awareness of Halloween's potential dangers for pets and urge you to take precaution to keep your pets safe and healthy throughout the holiday. The following are four Halloween dangers to look out for from our veterinarian in Northwest Austin.

Top Four Halloween Dangers Seen by our Emergency Veterinarian

halloween pug in costume 1. Toxins - Though toxins threaten our pets every day, toxic items including Halloween candy and glow in the dark accessories are in abundance on the holiday. Toxins include chocolate (to which dogs are especially attracted), xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in sugar-free candy and gum), and dibutyl phthalate found in glow sticks. If your pet ingests any of these, seek treatment with our emergency veterinarian immediately. 

2. Tricks - Though Halloween offers plenty of innocent fun, some unfortunately spend the holiday performing malevolent acts. Keep a close eye on pets during this time of year. Due to their place in folklore and Halloween colors, tortoiseshell, calico, and black cats are at an elevated risk of being targeted. 

3. Anxiety - The increased level of activity in and around the home (visitors, costumes, ringing doorbells, etc.) during Halloween can frighten pets, often making them want to flee. Keep pets calm by sequestering them to an area of your home away from activity. Ensure pets are wearing collars and ID tags in case they do escape the home or backyard. 

4. Traffic - Halloween is one of the busiest days for traffic in normally quiet neighborhoods. Keep cats safely confined indoors. If you take your dog for a walk, use a reflective leash and wear bright clothing. Be sure to keep your dog calm and under control; even normally friendly, passive dogs can turn aggressive in fear of costumes and crowds. 

We wish you and your pets a happy and safe Halloween!

How do you include your pets in Halloween celebrations?

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