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Posted on 07-08-2016

Keeping Your Dog Cool in The Summer in Austin

Summer is here in Austin, and for many dog owners, this means spending more time outside with your furry canine companion. However, as temperatures rise, it's also important for all dog owners to take special measures to keep their dogs safe and cool, especially on the hottest days of the year.

dog with child

Never Leave in the Car

No matter what the temperature or how quick you'll be in-and-out of the store, you should never leave a dog unattended in a hot car. All it takes is a few minutes for a car sitting in the sun to reach unbearably hot temperatures, putting your dog at risk of heat stroke.

Provide Plenty of Water

Keeping your dog hydrated is also important, especially on hotter and dryer days. If your dog is going to be outside for any length of time, make sure it has access to a fresh bowl of water. Furthermore, be sure to bring a bottle of water and a portable bowl with you anywhere you take your dog.

Keep Off Hot Pavement

Running or walking with your dog can be a fun activity, but it's important to remember that your dog doesn't have shoes to protect its feet from the hot pavement like you do. For this reason, it's best to keep your dog off scorching hot pavement (such as asphalt) and take regular breaks as needed.

Know the Signs of Heatstroke

Finally, be aware of the signs of heatstroke in dogs and know how to react quickly. Some of the most common symptoms of heatstroke include:

  • excessive panting and drooling
  • dehydration
  • inability to urinate
  • rapid heart rate
  • body temperature of 103 or higher

If your dog exhibits any of these signs after exposure to heat, it's time to see a veterinarian as soon as possible for help.

Here at the Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin, we specialize in the treatment of heatstroke and many other serious health conditions in pets. Our veterinary team is dedicated to providing your dog with the best of care. Contact us at (512) 331-6121 (open 24 hours) or (512) 899-0955 to learn more about our practice.

What's your favorite summer activity to share with your dog?

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