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Posted on 02-27-2017

Treating Cat Diabetes in Austin, TX

The Growing Problem of Cat Diabetes

Diabetes is growing problem not only in the human population, but also in the feline population. Veterinary experts say that up to 2 percent of cats may have diabetes, and the problem is often undiagnosed. Diabetes causes a number of symptoms, including weight loss, excessive drinking, and excessive urination, changes in eating habits, depression and frequent bladder infections. In some cats, the signs may be subtle, but the inability to metabolize glucose eventually leads to a decline in health. Felines with diabetes generally respond well to insulin injections. Your vet can teach you how to administer these injections safely. However, cats taking insulin can develop hypoglycemia and can go into a diabetic coma if their blood glucose levels fall too low. When this occurs, the cat may become glassy-eyed, sleepy, may appear weak or may lose consciousness. These are signs that immediate veterinary care is necessary to prevent death.

cat diabetes austin

Treatment for Diabetic Emergencies in Cats

Insulin treatment for diabetes often requires frequent adjustment to prevent the animal from falling into hypoglycemia, a condition of very low blood glucose levels. When hypoglycemia occurs, the cat may experience weakness, seizures or it can fall into a coma. If this occurs, take your pet to an emergency animal hospital in Austin, where it can receive treatment to raise its blood glucose level to a normal level. The cat can then be monitored and given appropriate doses of insulin to prevent further blood sugar problems.

Emergency Care for Cat Diabetes in Austin TX

Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin can provide experienced, compassionate care to stabilize your pet’s blood sugar levels. They also have an intensive care unit for animals that need to be monitored for a period after emergency treatment. Open 24 hours, as well as on weekends and holidays, a skilled veterinarian is always available to provide the emergency and critical care your pet needs. Call the north facility at 521-331-6121 or the south facility at 512-899-0955 for more information. Walk-in emergencies are welcome at any time.

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