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Our Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin Discusses Reasons Why Your Pet Might Be Limping

If you notice your cat or dog limping, finding treatment for this ailment is necessary. Contact Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin to speak with our Austin Veterinarian about dog or cat limping problems. Here is some information about this condition to help you pinpoint the reason for this behavior so you can help your dog or cat.

pet limping

Check On The Behavior Of Your Pet

It is important to observe your pet for any behavioral changes if they are limping. Signs may be indicative of a medical condition that requires treatment by our veterinarian. If your pet is whimpering, barking, or meowing as it walks, they are likely to be in pain when they place weight on their leg. This would necessitate an immediate trip to our facility for an evaluation as a broken bone could be the reason for their discomfort. Many animals, however, will hide their pain, making it necessary to have a watchful eye on their movements to determine which leg is giving them trouble and causing them to limp.

Do An Assessment Of The Foot And Leg

When you have determined which leg is causing problems for your pet, take a close look at it to see if you are able to locate a trigger for the limping. Your pet may have something lodged into their skin causing them to favor their other legs so pain is not felt when they walk. If you notice a splinter or picker, a pair of tweezers will work at removing it from the affected area and limping may subside. Check for matted fur, cuts, and scrapes to locate the exact area causing pet limping.

Get An Evaluation By Our Austin Veterinarian

The best way to determine the cause of a cat or dog limping is to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an assessment. Our practitioner will do a complete physical and will check each foot and leg to find the exact problem causing your pet's pain. If there is a need for a splint, surgery, or medication, our veterinarian will handle the ailment in the correct manner with the least amount of discomfort possible for your pet. 

Contact Our Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin Today 

If your pet is limping, call Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin to make an appointment with our Austin Veterinarian for a checkup. Our offices are conveniently located, and our staff members make it a priority to offer superb care to each patient they evaluate. Contact our North 183 location at (512) 331-6121, our South Austin location at (512) 899-0955, or our Round Rock facility at (512) 961-5200